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Friends! We all are aware the fact that libraries and its offshoots since inception treated as treasure of knowledge and powerhouse of the intellect. The publishers/vendors/aggregators, etc are truly the key player for growth and development of libraries. Friends! Truly it is the India’s first professionally developed gateway to libraries and librarians with a mission to interlinked all the libraries and library professionals at one platform. On the demand from the various stakeholders involves in business with the libraries, we are happy in providing an opportunity to you to join this gateway and enhance /expand/share your business plans and services thought this platform. .

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  • To publish Firm Logo on home page.
    A. One Year (Rs.25000). B. Two Year (Rs. 40000). C. Three Year (Rs. 60000).

  • To book space for your company’s product/services in Login Mode to control your portfolio.
    A. One Year (Rs.10000). B. Two Year (Rs. 15000). C. Three Year (Rs. 25000).

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